Unifying our Efforts to Protect our World

We need to clean up our act for a better future

Making a difference around the world with our commitment to clean water, clean energy and a better world for future generations to come.


Unifying our efforts

to Protect our World



Traditions, Values and Motivation

Like our traditions and ancestors, we strive to protect our environment. Our never-ending belief to push quality over quantity and activism over acceptance. UnifyLife stands for unifying as a world to protect all life on our planet.


Drowning in Plastic - National Geographic


Discover and support communities and companies that are either pushing to or making environmental changes to products, services and processes.


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Working Together for a Better World

UnifyLife.Org was founded in 2016 by Indigenous Humanitarian and Author Erin (Tasnaheca) LaVaux as a means to organize Natives and Non-Natives together to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. DAPL was being built across the Standing Rock Reservation in South Dakota. Erin is an enrolled member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe (which borders Standing Rock) and felt a strong desire to support her relatives to protect the risk posed against the Missouri River and all of the life that is sustained by it.

Besides running UnifyLife.Org, Erin LaVaux is the CEO of TNW Creations, a Clean Energy Web Host with a Green Initiative in Austin, Texas.


Prior to TNW Creations and UnifyLife, Erin was a crucial founding member of the grassroots development for teaching the Lakhota language.  Erin grew up helping her Grandparents farm and ranch, using sustainable resources like wind powered wells, water conservation through rain capture and reuse, composting and recycling. Reducing pollution and waste to keep the Earth and all living creatures healthy is the first step to living in unity.


UnifyLife.Org is powered by TNW Creations (Green Energy Web Host) we believe in making the world better with everything we create and publish. Which is why we use clean green technology wherever we can and carbon offset web servers powered by wind energy. We aim to improve the quality of the world through our endeavors.


We have several Native and Non-Native Volunteer Admins who help run the UnifyLife Facebook Community. We hope you will join us as we continue to work towards keeping our water, air, Earth, animals, plants and people safe from pollutants.

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Unifying our Efforts to Protect our World

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